The Smart Home Vision

The Background 

Since a very young age, I’ve been intrigued by gadgets and technology.  I remember years ago reading about X10 Home Automation, from then I’ve always said that when I get a house, I’ll definitely make it a Smart Home. 10 years ago I experimented with IR controlled light switches (I used Varilight), for the technology available for that time, this was a great consumer home automation product. Obviously being IR, there was always an issue with maintaining the “line of sight”, that was one of the downfalls.  With the Varilight switch there was no ability to control the lights away from home.

Fast forward to today there are now an ambundance of home automation systems. To list a few:

  • Z-Wave Home Automation
  • Fibaro Automation
  • Insteon Automation
  • LightwaveRf

I’ve decided to use LightwaveRf for the starting point of my home automation. I’ll go in to the reasons why in a future post.

So what’s the vision?

Imagine you have left the house for the day and forgot to turn your bedroom lights off? By turning your “normal” home into a smart home you could easily control you lights from any device which is connected to the internet.

The home I want to create will allow me to:

  • Control the house lights
  • Receive notifications on my phone when door bell is pressed
  • Integrate with my Alarm system
  • Create events based on motion sensors and door/window contacts
  • Setup CCTV
  • Integrate with heating system
  • Make use of geofencing
  • To detect who’s home

The above list is not set in stone and will most probably expand as my quest in creating a smart home continues.

By my home being able to sense that no one is home and so the house will turn the lights and heating off.

With the house alarm system integration, events can be triggered based on the alarm status. For example from simply being notified if the alarm is triggered to being notified if no one is home and we’ve forgot to arm the alarm.

As and when I start to look in to each of the above points I will definitely try and create a blog post.


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4 thoughts on “The Smart Home Vision”

  1. I’ll be following this closely as I’m hoping to do something like this real soon.

    Best of luck with the blog mate. 🙂

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